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Past Events and Workshops 

In Collaboration with Green Light GO!

March 2nd & 3rd 2024, Barcelona

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Coaching Young People to Success

Format: In- person             Language: English & Spanish (consecutive translation)

This course is designed for 

  • Coaches who want to develop their skills in working with children and young people, including collaborating with educators and educational institutes

  • Therapists / Psychologists / Educators who have a coaching background and are passionate about working with young people.

  • Parents who are coaches who want to make a positive impact on their child’s education, equipping them with with life skills and fostering a deeper self- understanding

What will you take away?

  • Creative ways to encourage young people to express their thoughts, feelings, and aspirations

  • Ability to design powerful partnerships with all relevant stakeholders: the young person, parents/caregivers, the school

  • Develop skills for helping young people set goals

  • A coaching toolkit of proven methods that support each step of the coaching process

  • The ability to follow a coaching process from start to finish

  • The ability to help young people develop life skills and coping mechanisms for a successful future

  • Live demonstrations of each tool with real-life scenarios

  • A detailed manual of all materials and tools presented

WEBINAR: January 24th from 6:30pm to 7:30pm (CET Madrid) via Zoom (delivered in English with simultaneous translation into Spanish)
In Collaboration with Green Light GO!

Empowering the Next Generation: Coaching Young People to Success

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  • This webinar will provide insight into what will be covered in the upcoming postgraduate coaching course for trained coaches, that will take place in Barcelona on the 2nd and 3rd March.


Coaching effectively equips young people with the skills and tools they need to become the best version of themselves and the leaders of their own lives. Rachel Suery CPCC, PCC, Psychologist & International Educator will present the coaching model she has designed . Eva Fernandez Senior Leadership Consultant, Team Coach, Faculty Member & Front of the Room Leader in CRR Global will accompany her in this event and also in the delivery of the postgraduate course on the 2nd and 3rd March.

WEBINAR: Coaching Skills to Promote Mental Health and Well-Being in Young People

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In this Webinar, our guest, Rachel Suery, will talk about the importance of mental health  and the benefits of the Co-Active Coaching Model when working with children and young people. She will also show real examples from her years of experience on how to promote mental health using coaching skills.

STRENGTHS BASED PARENTING WORKSHOP: Helping  Your Child Build Resilience and Problem Solving Skills Through Developing Their Inner Strengths

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A workshop for parents of children and young people who are interested in learning how to better understand and parent their child, through the lens of their child’s unique strengths.

This 2-hour workshop will focus on:

1.    Understanding your child’s behaviour

2.    How focusing on strengths sets your child up for success

3.    How to use a coaching approach to help your child discover and embrace their strengths

4.    Activities that effectively help your child discover their unique mix of strengths, including the power of strength cards as a tool

5.    How to help your child tap into their strengths during difficult time

WORKSHOP for Teacher Assistants: Working with the Social and Emotional Child

This workshop will focus on promoting the overall well-being of young people and include areas such as:

  • What is social and emotional learning

  • Why is social and emotional learning important

  • Strategies, approaches and tools to help develop social and emotional learning

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TWO DAY ADVANCED TRAINING WORKSHOP for Experienced Coaches: Coaching Children and Young People

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The purpose of the advanced training Coaching Children and Young People workshop is to provide participants with the foundation, skillset, and practical experience to be able to confidently coach children and young people. The workshop will be led by Rachel Suery and assisted by Clark Friedrichs. This is an ICF accredited course.

Navigating Global Transitions WEBINAR in Collaboration with Edufax, the Netherlands & presented at the International Citizen Hub, Lund, Sweden

Planet Made of Plastic

This webinar will focus on the overall social and emotional well-being of young people and adults who are transitioning globally. Practical ideas and tips will be discussed that embrace and support overall holistic development and personal growth, throughout the transition process.

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